Posted on September 26, 2013 by Juliette Foxx

Your’e probably wondering what happened to the pictures from day 5, well we slept all day and partied all night so I think I’ll keep the embarrassing pictures to myself.

So, moving on swiftly to day six, we spent the day recovering fro our hangovers with Sangrias on the beach.

I wore another fab swimsuit by Andrea Iyamah. I am so in love with this swimsuit. I even wore it to dinner with a sheer dress over it (you can dress like that in Alicante, it’s ok). It fit like a glove and I love the mesh insert at the front which makes it much sexier without showing too much. And once again, I thought I was a swimsuit model in these pictures. I blame the fab swimsuit. 

Swimsuit by Andrea Iyamah

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