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As the title suggests, I was lucky enough to visit Berlin for a week thanks to Blogger Apartments – An amazing idea by Lori & Samah from Ms Wishlist and Fabeau Trends. They brought bloggers from around the world to live together during Berlin fashion week and it was truly an amazing experience to be part of. We were treated to amazing gifts, including clothes from Forever 21, Watches from Citizen and our own private shuttle courtesy of Interline To take us wherever we needed to go. Pretty cool right? And we haven’t even started talking fashion yet.

Our fabulous apartment





The girls x

 One of my show highlights was the COTE show which was incredible. We sat front row so could really see and appreciate all the little details. The mix of pastel textures and embroidery made the collection a must have for every womans’ wardrobe. Each individual piece was stunning in its own right but could be mixed together or incorporated into your wardrobe flawlessly. But the icing on top of the red velvet cake was getting to meet the designers in private after the show and chat to them about the collection. Being a recent fashion graduate, I was like a kid in a candy store and I think I asked way too many questions but they seemed pleased to see genuine interest and a real understanding for their hard work.


Now, let’s talk about that green cape…

I will probably never forget the looks on people faces as I walked out of our shuttle in this fabulous full length feathered cape by Natalia Kaut. It was a mixture of OMG & WTF with a little bit of HUH? If this had happened on the first day I would’ve been very confused but I wore this on day four  and by then I was already getting to terms with the fact that Berlin fashion week and London fashion week are two very different experiences. In London, this cape would probably blend in during fashion week but the Germans must have thought I was Liberace’s love child (that would be pretty cool actually) As the wind made every step even more dramatic, I could feel eyes on me wherever I went (not complaining haha) but I did feel a little overdressed – During fashion week. Never thought I’d say that.



Berlin, you were amazing. I promise to tone it down next season. No feathers or capes. I promise


I would like to say a special thank you to Natalia Kaut for all the fabulous clothes I wore during the duration of my trip.

Lots more pictures on instagram!


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