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Hey guys! Hope you had a lovely weekend. this post is long overdue and i started it a week go but only getting round to actually clicking ‘publish’ today. If you follow me on instagram or snapchat. (or both lol) you’ll know I was in Berlin a couple of weeks ago for fashion week in partnership with the Blogger apartment. This isn’t my first time visiting Berlin from fashion week and staying at the blogger apartment. You can see my first time post here

This trip was even better than the first, mostly because I was more appropriately dressed for the Berlin fashion scene. I still wasn’t appropriately dressed for the weather though – Strappy sandals in -11 degree weather: BAD IDEA! Not totally my fault though, didn’t check the weather in advance. Ok maybe my fault. But enough about my terrible planning. Lets talk fashion!


Here are little snippets of the looks I wore during the week. I will be posting more detailed posts with each individual look so keep an eye out!


Jacket: Natalia Kaut, Fringe top & Trousers: Zara, Heels: All Saints, Bag: DIY, Glasses: ASOS


Freezing toes
Never too cold for sunglasses



Dress:Natalia Kaut, Socks: ASOS, Shoes: Zara, Glasses: Poppy Lissiman


Fur skirt worn as scarf: Natalia Kaut, Skirt: DIY, Shoes: ASOS



Shady Bitch – Glasses: Armani


We were lucky enough to be invited for a 3 course dinner at Schatz restaurant – compliments of the owner and her beautiful new born baby. The food was amazing but even better was the decor. Wine glasses as chandeliers, dim lighting, interesting and humorous art on the wall and beautiful patterned walls surrounded us as we drank and laughed (and took selfies) I wore this gorgeous lace and velvet polka dot two piece by Natalia Kaut for dinner. A bit risqué, yes but its fashion week – Anything goes!

Skirt & Top by Natalia Kaut











Lena Hoscheck


Major DIY inso from SADAK show



The lovely team at Even & Odd gave us a rail full pf clothes and a wall of shoes and accessories to pick from. I went for an all black look pairing this super cosy high neck jumper with a leather mini skirt and gloves and black boots. The little touches of silver from my metallic belt and Even & Odd ‘takeaway’ bag finished off the look perfectly. This bag is my current absolute fave! you will be seeing a lot more of it on my blog & Instagram. And its currently on sale! ( link below)

Moschino sunglasses, DIY leather gloves



Even & Odd look

Special thanks to all ur sponsors, Make up artist, Photographers who made the week so much more amazing! And Lori & Samah for bringing us together again!

Even&Odd: @evenandodd_official | FB: here

 Mey Bodywear: here

Evian x Kenzo: @evianwater | here

 Katlenburger Kellerei: @katlenburger_kellerei | here

Mate Mate: @mateofficial | here

 Thamm Catering: (here) | FB:here

Schatz Restaurant: here

Original Source: @originalsourcegermany | here

CD Skin Care: here

Make-Up Artist: Adiam Habtesion here

Henna Design by Cabo Malerei here

Photographer: Maurice Köder here

Bis zum nächsten Mal Berlin!


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