Posted on July 28, 2018 by Juliette Foxx

So let’s get real for a second. If you follow me on Instagram (which you should. Do it, do it now) you’ll know I often get unwanted visits from my dear friends Anxiety and Depression. Well last weekend, the formidable duo were here in full force and while I was having an internal battle with those bad boys I also had all the external stress of feeling like I wasn’t going through enough to justify feeling this way, having to explain that I ‘sometimes get sad for no reason’ to my love interest and then realising very quickly that said love interest was only interested when everything was fine and dandy. A hard pill to swallow.


But luckily for me, I have friends and sometimes you find strength from the most unlikely of places. Last weekend, a dear friend, an acquaintance I met through blogging and a stranger I’d never met pulled me through and got me out of my funk. I then took the rest of the week to go back to basics and ask myself: what am I grateful for, what makes me truly happy and what is my purpose in life. And reflecting on those three questions I found inner strength and peace that I’ll try my very best to hold on to.

Trousers – Amazon Fashion

Vest top – Topshop

Jewellery – Thomas Sabo

Bag – H&M

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