Posted on August 6, 2018 by Juliette Foxx

Do you sometimes ever feel like you want to switch things up for no reason. Just to generally disrupt the normal flow of things to see what happens? I’m one of those people. I like experimenting, trying new things and generally making reckless decisions. Although I’m trying to control this trait in real life with actual life-changing decisions I figured my look and appearance is the one thing I will never stop fucking with because why the hell not

I found myself bored last Sunday, I get bored very easily and just as I get very excited about things, people and ideas and get bored even easier which is a dangerous personality trait. I’m working on it. Anyway, back to last Sunday – there I was bored, and not in the mood to have idle conversations with anyone so I decided to cut my hair and bleach it blonde, because why not right haha So I got an uber to my nearest hair shop bought some bleach, peroxide and white toner and went to town.


Something about going back to having short blonde hair brought back memories of my early blogging days (if you know, you know 😉) And it felt like I’d gone back to basics – which I loved. It felt like going back to a familiar place and it was nice to see myself look like that again but also seeing that growth was refreshing and a nice little moment for me. To debut my new look I stripped it all back with this look and it’s by far the most comfortable look I’ve ever worn both literally and metaphorically. It’s nice to know that under the wigs and ‘lewks’ I can always go back to basics and find that starting point whenever I feel a little lost or like I’m losing track of how far I’ve come.


Blazer – Amazon FIND (Click to shop)

Trousers – Amazon FIND (Click to shop)

Trainers – Bronx (Click to shop)

Bag – Old Zara


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