Posted on November 16, 2018 by Juliette Foxx

Ok, let’s talk about this cycling shorts trend – aka the Instagram thot uniform. I’m not even ashamed to say, I’m kinda into it. I’m not a massive fan of trousers and I try to wear them as scarcely as possible so anything that helps me avoid them is ok in my book. (also, they’re comfy af) That said, do us all a favour and please PLEASE don’t just wear them with a matching crop top and call it a day. 

The trick to making this growing trend look more fashion and less streetwalker is balance. By pairinfng the athletic cycling shorts with a blazer, it elevates them to create more of a fashion statement. Feel free to play with proportins too, an oversized coat, blazer or shirt will also compliment the cycling shorts a lot better. 

Here I’ve paired mine with one of my labourite blazers – The double breasted check. and carried on the brown tones in my accessories and Thomas Sabo jewellery¬†


 Gold Bracelets // Gold charms // Charm Club 

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