"Your outfit looks like pyjamas" Thanks mum. I know  This is what happens when you watch re runs of the Playboy Mansion before going to bed. You end up taking fashion cues from Hugh Hefner. Although, I must say he is definitely on to something. This is one of the most comfy outfits I have ever worn and if I could wear it everyday while chillin in my mansion surrounded by gorgeous Italian men, I would. But till then, here I am standing awkwardly on an escalator. x Wearing Blazer & Heels: Pretty Little Thing Trousers: TK Maxx Glasses: Lamoda J.x



We all have that one song we can listen over and over again and never get bored of it - you know the one, no matter what mood you're in or where you are, when it comes on you take a minute (or 3 minutes and 34 seconds) to just enjoy it. You might even have it on a loop. That song for me is Salvatore by Lana Del Rey. It is simply breathtaking. Something about it calms me down, and makes me fantasise about a beautiful life I am yet to experience. The lyrics are so smart and beautiful especially the constant use of colour to describe emotion, my favourite of which is 'tangerine dreams' the inspiration for this look (I know, you were wondering were this was going. There's always a fashion…



I'd seen pictures of knotted heels & flatforms all over the street style blogs & runways and was in complete awe. They were so cool and fashion forward but also such a simple idea. I wanted a pair. Immediately. Unfortunately for me, my bank balance had other ideas so I went off on another DIY adventure.   You'll need: A pair of plain flatforms (These are from H&M) Some fabric - Heavy weight is better Scissors Measuring tape Drawing pins Needle & Thread   Measure across the straps on the flatforms and not it down then cut a strip of fabric accordingly. You'll need 2 pieces for each pair for cut 4 pieces in total.   Place the fabric strip at one end of the flatform and pin down with the drawing pin. You…



Every time someone asks me what my wardrobe essentials are, I always start with a wit button down shirt. It is one of the most diverse pieces you can own. You can dress it up with some cigarette trousers and heels, go casual with jeans or belt it, tuck it, crop it - whatever you want. Or in my case just throw it on and call it a day. I have about 6 almost identical white shirts and I love pairing them with fun flats for a more casual very relaxed looked. There's something about that 'walk of shame' look that I find quite cool actually. I blame Carrie Bradshaw for this. And all other silly totally unrealistic romcoms.  Shirt - H&M Bag - Zara Hat - DIY Glasses - Forever 21 Rings -…


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When I first saw images from Gareth Pugh's Fall 2016 Runway show I instantly fell in love with the bold coordinated looks. There's nothing I love more than coordinated matching pieces in one look.  I know it might look a little much and you have to be very careful with it so it doesn't look like you're trying too hard or looking a little clownish. But done right, it can really create an awesome fashion moment.  This wide brim halo style hat is so cool to me and I had to do a DIY version for myself and share with you guys. It's super easy (A little time consuming) but you can achieve that runway look for yourself too!  You'll need: - A wide brim hat (Obviously) - I got mine from H&M -…