Wore this little black outfit yesterday to meet my girl for some lunch and a fashion chat (and guy chat of course) That's what sundays are for right? I put some left over fabrics from my final collection at uni to good use and made this outfit. I knew I wanted to wear my black turtleneck with a leather mini to add some edge as turtlenecks can be seen as matronly and boring so a mini leather skirt will make it instantly younger and chic. Added black oversize sunnies for a little mystery. That always helps. Hope you like it! x Jumper & Skirt - DIY Shoes - All Saints Glasses - Forever21 R.x



The weather has been quite hot the last month or so, which as you know by now- I hate. But it wouldn't be British weather without a little uncertainty. The last couple of days have been sunny one minute then rainy and cold the next and that is reflected in this outfit. The top half caters to the cold and the bottom half is summer friendly. I've never actually worn these trousers before which is strange as I bought them about two years ago and completely forgot about them.  - Moment of silence for all the looks I would've put together with these bad boys - Ok moment over. I paired them with this lime green jumper to take my little brother shopping. He's only 15 but I'm already trying to make him dress…


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As the title suggests, I was lucky enough to visit Berlin for a week thanks to Blogger Apartments - An amazing idea by Lori & Samah from Ms Wishlist and Fabeau Trends. They brought bloggers from around the world to live together during Berlin fashion week and it was truly an amazing experience to be part of. We were treated to amazing gifts, including clothes from Forever 21, Watches from Citizen and our own private shuttle courtesy of Interline To take us wherever we needed to go. Pretty cool right? And we haven't even started talking fashion yet. Our fabulous apartment The girls x  One of my show highlights was the COTE show which was incredible. We sat front row so could really see and appreciate all the little details. The mix of pastel textures and…



Went out for some afternoon tea with a friend today wore this military inspired outfit. I bought this jacket from Zara (on sale!) in Berlin which I visited last week for fashion week. I will be putting up a full post of that tomorrow but if you follow me on instagram (@romeosfashionfix) You've probably already seen some of the looks and how the week went.  We are well and truly into summer which as you know by now, I hate. There's something about the summer that just makes me feel icky. I don't like the heat, insects or hay fever but the worst part about summer for me has to be the inability to wear fashion. Don't get me wrong, I do love a cute A-line mini dress with strappy sandals and sunglasses but…



Hi guys! I haven posted in quite a while because i've been working on my final collection for uni (Sorry!) but that's almost done now so i've got some time to blog. I've got a ton of outfit posts to put up so there'll be a lot of new stuff on the blog in the next couple of days (Yay!) Now thats all out of the way, lets pick up where we left off... ...In front of a grey wall. x Playsuit - Ashanti Brazil  Hat - H&M Shoes - ASOS R.x <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>