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I decided to have some DIY fun and make these colourful pom pom heels. There was a similar pair on ASOS a while ago but they sold out before I could get my hands on them and unfortunately I haven't been able to find them on eBay or anywhere else yet so I decided to make my own version - Naturally. You'll need... A pair of heels Pom poms in a variety of colours Scissors A strong adhesive Lets get started... 1 Choose the colours you want and lay them out over each other to see which colour combination you like best. It took me a couple of tries to figure out exactly how I want to layer the colours to create the  most impact. 2 Measure your pompoms along each strap and cut…



Ok, I know i've said this before, but THIS is my favourite outfit ever. And these are also some of my  favourite blog pics. Something about the colours just work so well together. And the sun was out! (And i'd just been shopping) My feet were actually in intense pain from wearing these heels all day but I just had to grin through the pain. I will be posting a DIY tutorial too showing how I achieved this hair colour at home and how you can too. x Dress - Natalia Kaut Skirt - H&M Socks & Heels - ASOS Bag - Charity shop R.x



My sister got me this fabulous heavily beaded top for my birthday (It weighs a ton). It's currently one of my favourite things in my wardrobe but it's also one of those pieces you can only wear once in a  while because it is so special (And also because I have no idea how to wash it. ) I wore it to church this easter, paired with grey leaner trousers and simple metallic heels.  Btw, I didn't plan to match my hair to my top but how cool is that! x Top - All Saints Trousers - Zara Shoes - ASOS R.x



 This is one of my favourite outfits ever. Purely because of house comfortable and effortless it is. I kinda feel like a soccer mum in this haircut (without the mom jeans). If you follow me on instagram you'll know that i chopped off my hair randomly at 2am one night after drinking too much red bull (i live life on the edge!)  The moment i saw this jumper on H&M i bought it immediately, I'd seen a blogger in something similar (which i couldn't afford) on tumblr a couple of weeks before so I was very excited to have it be mine. It is even better in person. So heavy and of great quality and worth twice its actual price. I paired it with a fringe skirt I got on sale from Forever 2.…



Happy New Year! [Insert list of New Year resolutions which won't last longer than my current weave here] x Jacket - Reiss Trousers & Hat - H&M Shoes - Topshop Bag - Aldo (but bought from ASOS) Shirt - Karen Millen R.x