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Hey guys! Hope you had a lovely weekend. this post is long overdue and i started it a week go but only getting round to actually clicking ‘publish’ today. If you follow me on instagram or snapchat. (or both lol) you’ll know I was in Berlin a couple of weeks ago for fashion week in partnership with the Blogger apartment. This isn’t my first time visiting Berlin from fashion week and staying at the blogger apartment. You can see my first time post here This trip was even better than the first, mostly because I was more appropriately dressed for the Berlin fashion scene. I still wasn’t appropriately dressed for the weather though - Strappy sandals in -11 degree weather: BAD IDEA! Not totally my fault though, didn’t check the weather in advance. Ok maybe my fault. But enough…


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As the title suggests, I was lucky enough to visit Berlin for a week thanks to Blogger Apartments - An amazing idea by Lori & Samah from Ms Wishlist and Fabeau Trends. They brought bloggers from around the world to live together during Berlin fashion week and it was truly an amazing experience to be part of. We were treated to amazing gifts, including clothes from Forever 21, Watches from Citizen and our own private shuttle courtesy of Interline To take us wherever we needed to go. Pretty cool right? And we haven't even started talking fashion yet. Our fabulous apartment The girls x  One of my show highlights was the COTE show which was incredible. We sat front row so could really see and appreciate all the little details. The mix of pastel textures and…

ALICANTE! – Last day :(

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For our last day in Alicante I wore a casual white on white on white outfit for the day and swapped my heels for sandals when we got to the airport later in the day. We spent the day shopping for gifts and souvenirs to take back to our friends and family. (We bought everyone key rings lol) I'm sat in bed writing this post while it rains heavily outside and looking at these pictures make me wanna cry. I wanna go backkk!!! Excuse me while I go cry in a corner. Tee - River Island Shorts - Love Label Heels - ALDO Belt - Gucci Cuff - AdR for H&M R.x.


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Your'e probably wondering what happened to the pictures from day 5, well we slept all day and partied all night so I think I'll keep the embarrassing pictures to myself. So, moving on swiftly to day six, we spent the day recovering fro our hangovers with Sangrias on the beach. I wore another fab swimsuit by Andrea Iyamah. I am so in love with this swimsuit. I even wore it to dinner with a sheer dress over it (you can dress like that in Alicante, it's ok). It fit like a glove and I love the mesh insert at the front which makes it much sexier without showing too much. And once again, I thought I was a swimsuit model in these pictures. I blame the fab swimsuit.  Swimsuit by Andrea Iyamah Available at…

ALICANTE! – Day Four

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Day four was a pretty chilled day. We were all pretty lazy and didn't want to get out of bed but we knew we had to. It was way too gorgeous outside to waste a day in bed. So we got up, got dressed and went out for a walk around town then a bit of shopping. I absolutely love this outfit. It looks really simple but I love the little details it has. The shorts are embroidered with roses of the same colour. Very subtle but it really gives a little something extra to an otherwise plain burgundy pair of shorts. I paired it with a sequin white t shirt. I am pretty obssessed with white t shirts. I have about 12 and they all look pretty much the same lol but these…